Options to Dress Up Your Look (Even if it is Only Over Zoom)

Dressing up your look is always fun. Whether that is buying a statement piece, a new purse, necklace, or a whole outfit. Showing off and feeling like you look good is great for your confidence. Nowadays though, going out is a thing of the past. Despite this, you can still have interactions with people virtually. Even though you can’t go out to the club, it always feels good to look your best! Here are a few options to dress up your look, even if it is only over zoom.

Bodycon Bandage One Shoulder Midi Dress-$15.99
This dress is sure to stun anyone that sees you. It is made of high-quality materials and a great gift. With one shoulder and a split on the leg, this yellow number is sure to provide something for all of your friends to talk about. Also comes in black and grey!

Sh*t the F*ck Up T-Shirt-$15
If you are looking for something that will make your friends or family cackle with laughter, this shirt is the perfect item to do it. With sexy lips on the front, and a hand telling people to “sh*t the f*ck up”, you will definitely have an amazing T-shirt that is the center of the conversation.

Black Sheer Mesh Stripes Skirt Set-$19.99
This black sheer mesh skirt set is inspired by Rochelle. It comes in two pieces, with a crop mesh top and lined mesh skirt. With no zip, it is easy to slip on. This is a very stylish outfit, but it is also comfortable. Match that with affordability and you have an easily dressed up look. Whether it is for a dinner out, or a happy hour on zoom, this chic outfit will have your friends begging to know where you got it.

Laser Cut Hand Painted Wood Stud Earrings-$10
These are no ordinary stud earrings, they are cut into the shape of a woman’s body. With beautiful natural hair and a lovely body, these are incredible and unique earrings.

Floral Print Off Shoulder Maxi Skirt Set-$31.99
This is the ultimate adorable maxi skirt set. You can dress this up to look sexy or cute. With a petal sleeve and strapless color, this floral off-the-shoulder set is something you can wear anywhere.

Double Pearl Headband-$7.99
For an easy addition to your look, you can simply grab this headband. This can help to make your hair look better if you haven’t done much to it, but it can also add a classy and glam look. With the timeless look of pearls, this headband is a perfect addition.

Mini Patterned Playsuit-$16.99
With spring just around the corner, having a playsuit that you can wear to a zoom call, but follow up a grocery store trip is where it’s at. This outfit is perfect for various occasions and sports a geometric print. With long sleeves, a lace-up front, and a V neckline, you will be sure to love this outfit. Get one for you and one for a friend at this price.

Halter Buckle Backless Bodycon Dress-$22.00
When you sit on zoom oftentimes you won’t even be showing off your back. That is why you want to show off your front! This dress comes in red, black, and white, and sports a buckle color and halter straps. This is a very unique dress that will work even after the pandemic is over. With its longer length, and conservative neckline, you can feel comfortable wearing this to family functions or, when you want to feel sexier, out to the club.

Feel Good in What You Wear
Wherever you are going, always make sure to feel good in what you wear. Whether that is to a zoom call, to dinner, or out to a friend’s house. Always look your best and add a bit of flair.